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10 Tips for Making A Strong and Good Password

January 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

A good password is the holly grail of creating a secure and less crackable environment. Electronic banking transaction or simply an email account requires a good password. Never put your personal data in risk by creating weak or easy to guess password. Using your own name as password is dumb in my opinion.

Here are 10 tips to create a good and strong password from CalvinLimuel

  1. Make a password with 8 characters or more. The longer you make more harder to crack. But don’€™t forget it!
  2. And don’€™t write it in a sheet of paper. Maybe you want to use your own code, but you may forget the way you should read it?
  3. Make a password with combination of all alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). With case-sensitive password is recommended. If allowed and you’€™re too extreme, use symbols. It’s harder to remember though
  4. Don’€™t use typical words you might find in your dictionary or a dictionary-attack word index file. The words like, “€œadministrator”€, “€œdefault”€, etc.
  5. Don’€™t use these lazy combinations: “€œzxcvbnm”, “€œzcxvbn”€, “€œasdfgf”€, “€œqwerty”, “€œabcde12345″³ etc.; you know what I mean. If you’€™re too extreme, use a password generator.
  6. Don’€™t use the same password for each of your accounts. Creates 3 or 4 password to use on your accounts
  7. Don’€™t tell anybody your passwords (tha’€™s obvious, you know, unless your parents highly insist it, because I’m not teaching people to disobey their parents)!
  8. Don’€™t use a person, a company, or a pet typical names for your password or recovery questions.
  9. If you think you don’€™t need recovery questions anyway, just input bogus data.
  10. Well you may use a unsual words in English, but as I say in point 3, don’€™t just “quoteinsurancecar”€.

From and VIA

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can simply use it’s nice feature to remember password

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  • 1 CalvinLimuel // Feb 10, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for posting here. And may I know who’s posting?
    And as for the password reminder, just for reminding. Don’t use it (and enable it) just for your safety, and if you’re using a shared computer. OK? Good. Because Deep Freeze can’t be a guarantee :)

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