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Familiarity of Mobile Ads for Android users and iPhone users

September 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Familiarity of Mobile Ads for Android users and iPhone users

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Android technology has given a new platform and better experience to the smart phone users. Androids phones are most popular devices in the current technical planet. Now there is latest news about Android phones that is quite beneficial for business users. According to a survey, the people using android phones click on the Mobile Ads more as compared to the people using iPhones. It can surprise you for the first time but it is a fact in technical world. If you are also looking for crowd to click on your mobile ads then please target the android users.

The profit is eight percent more if you are targeting android users instead of iPhone users. It is not theory based stats in fact a practical experience shared by reputed company Chitika. According to Chitika, the company was able to collect more quality link by android users instead of iPhone owners. Company present the stats, in which 1.19 percent lead was generated by android users and only 0.65 percent lead was given by iPhone owners. You can observe the stats closely yourself. Now it is your wish what should be your targeted audience.

The next immediate question that strikes in mind is to deal with Mobile Ads format. What should be Ad format for android phones and iPhones? You don’t have to worry much about the concept as Ad format for both smart phones is same. Then what could be the reason for better results in case of android phones? The answer is simple. Android phone users are more in numbers as compared to iPhone users. This is the only reason to target android audience as compared to iPhone audience. Every advertising company should closely monitor the stats in order to increase his profit in the Internet marketing world.

It is also noticed that iPhone users hesitate to open Mobile Ads because of their display size. On the other hand, android phone users browse various categories freely. The complete information signifies that if you are dealing in a marketing world then most important fact to treat android users importantly. It is also good from future prospects as android technology is improving day by day. Most of the people love to switch over android phone instead of buying simple mobile phones. The companies that are dealing with android mobile applications also making huge changes day by day that are just loved by the customers.

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