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35 TB Magnetic Tape from IBM and Fujifilm

February 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

History of advanced automobile industry teaches us that at a few point there was a three-way crossroad objectifying 3 imaginable paths of further development. Back then it was unsealed what propelling power will by applied: petrol, steam or electricity. What’s more, all 3 concepts were already up and running in different areas. The cause why I take this up is what IBM and Fujifilm have freshly revealed. That’s the future iteration of their linear mag tape storage of memory device evolution that has been blending strong since year 2006 when IBM and Fujifilm acquainted an 8TB magnetic tape pickup. This time though it has 35TB of storage capability.

Linear magnetic tape was the merely memory device at its time, so having it back nowadays is much like having an electric drive back under the hood, but only with much more anticipate as I discover it. The secret of taping 35TB is that the latest technology used delivers unseen area data density – 29.5 billion bpi feathered.

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