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Have you try these 5 Handy Applications for Android Gadgets?

July 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Try these 5 Handy Applications for Android Gadgets

Applications are very important in smartphone operations. Without the right applications, users won’t be able to enjoy their gadget. Applications are the interesting parts when it comes to operate the smartphone. Here’re several Android applications that can be useful for users.

•    Foursquare
It’s an application where you can stay connected to your friends. It’s just another social networking application where you keep in touch with friends, share status and updates, and even share pictures. You can also get tips.
•    Thinking Space
It’s an application where you can plan all our activities and ideas. It’s a mind mapping application that can be useful for busy users.
•    Photoshop Express
It’s an application where you can edit and then share your virtual photos with friends. You only need to touch, tap, rotate, and many more.
•    Gowalla
It’s social travel application where you can share all the places you’ve been or you go through with friends. You can record everything and then share everything, especially with updated UI feature.
•    Twidroid
It’s like a twitter application for clients based on Android OS. When using this application, you can use video post feature, multi account feature, widgets, follower listing, interface theme, and other free applications.

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