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5 Handy BlackBerry Applications

July 6th, 2011 · No Comments

5 Handy BlackBerry Applications

People who have BlackBerry will definitely want to have their hands on the right applications. Here’re several applications that can be helpful for them.

•    Pandora Mobile

When using this application, people can expect to have similar operation just like they usually do on their desktop computer. However, they can now do anything on their smartphone. They can stay tune to their operation and even log into the website at

•    Neosistec CarFinder
This application is definitely beneficial when people often forget where they last park their car. It’s like a GPS for tracking their own car. After they leave their car parked on a certain spot, they can open up their phone and use the GPS to track down their car with the help of BlackBerry Maps or compass. They can send their location to their friends, if they want to.

•    Qik Mobile
With this application, BlackBerry users can stream videos for free from their smartphone. However, if users want to use this application, their device should have camera on it.

•    Google Maps
When using this application, users can be sure that they’ll feel as if they’re working on their desktop station. They can view the traffic report and even view their location.

•    Palringo
It’s an instant messaging application that supports Google Talk, Yahooo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ. They can chat, exchange pictures, and exchange voice through the application.

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