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Acer Aspire One modded with HSDPA modem

October 31st, 2008 · No Comments

For people with high mobility, they often found a place where wireless internet access via WLAN is not available. One good alternative of WLAN is internet access using mobile phone network which usually covering much larger area. Acer Aspire One which in standard configuration doesn’t come with integrated HSPDA modem can be modified by following a tutorial from tnkgrl. The hackablity of Acer Aspire One is in my opinion a true advantage of this budget mini-notebook and adding an integrated hsdpa modem was really cool.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re not experienced doing precision soldering with a fine-tipped, temperature-controlled iron, using soldering wick & flux, as well as proper magnification, then I suggest you avoid this mod. If you feel confident and secure enough then you may proceed to the Acer Aspire One Modification tutorial.

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