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Alexa Redirect No Longer Working

January 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

For you who using alexa redirect in order to boost your Alexa ranking, you should stop now. This trick is no longer works since the redirect site has down. Today I realized about that fact when trying my redirected link to a proxy site.

Alexa Redirect
When I search more explanation about this I found Blogulate wrote about alexa redirect break down. It seems this redirect tricks has become very popular and a lot of links using the same url on alexa site. Obviously the frequent high load on it’s server because of thousand of redirect links alerts the alexa administrator and thes decided to take the server down.

I’ve also heard stories about installing the alexa badge to boost your ranking but the alexa programmer says this trick has no effect to boost your rank since they mainly collecting data from user who installed alexa toolbar on their browser.

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