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Android G1 Firmware Security Bug Found!

October 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Just a couple of days have passed after we received OTA update of Google android firmware, the security expert found a critical vulnerability in T-Mobile’s G1 android phone. The security bug could be used to hack a G1 android phones. User must be aware when visiting un-trusted sites using their G1 Internet browser because it may has malicious code that lead into a buffer overflow and the attacker could accessing the same privileges as the user of the phone’s browser.

According to a more detailed warning on the ISE site, the flaw is within one of the more than 80 open-source packages used by Google to assemble Android. Miller blamed the bug on Google’s use of outdated code. “This particular security vulnerability that affects the G1 phone was known and fixed in the relevant software package, but Google used an older, still vulnerable version,” said the ISE alert.

From Computerworld

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