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Android Smartphone Used in Flight

April 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Android Smartphone Used in Flight

Everyone knows that making or receiving calls while flying is risky and a big no-no. But it seems that this thing I about to change, but now for airline flights, anyway. The company Aircell has announced that they’re launching a new smartphone intended for private jet users to make or receive call during their flight. The codename for the device is Aircell Smartphone, which enables all private air travelers on their private planes to make the calls just the same as they’re doing it while on land. The smartphone will be available with compatibility feature with GoGo Biz service, which will provide internet service and access for the private passengers. The Aircell also incorporate the WiFi service from GoGo in flight system that has been used by many corporate and businessmen. The device will be available with wiring headset jack, Bluetooth connectivity,alphanumeric keypad, and also touchscreen display with 3.8-inch size.

Although the basic design is quite standard – forget having elegant, sophisticated, and catchy design – the company stated that the device’s performance exceeds the physical appearance. However, the detailed pricing and availability hasn’t been clear yet. But the company will release the device later in the trade Aircraft Electronic Show Association in Reno, Nevada.

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