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Android Tablets Will Likely Beat iPad in the Future

April 21st, 2011 · No Comments

Android Tablets Will Likely Beat iPad in the Future

With the growing technology development and the growing trend over the years, the possibility for Android tablets to beat iPad is getting bigger and stronger. Android operating system has overthrown Apple’s for the last years. It’s not really surprising actually, with open system operating system easy to handle operation, and what’s most important thing is….the low price.

It doesn’t mean that iPad is such a lousy device; on the contrary, it’s far from that. iPad has really introduced the meaning of mobile computer and flexibility within a hand. It’s flexible, simple, beautifully design, and having great performance. I’ve never met someone who complains about iPad feature; except for the slots for flash disk or other external devices. It’s just that with more devices coming with such low prices and using great operating system and having great performance, people will turn away from iPad to get their hands on better and cheaper devices.

Money is always a good reason for something. It’s a good motive that might drive people away from a great device. If Apples persistently use their range price as the current price, while other Androids tablets are coming storming with such low price, I’m afraid the iPad won’t stand a chance.

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