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Anti Virus Application for Symbian Cell Phone

August 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Nowadays virus does not attack computer or notebook’s system only, owing to the progress of technology and information virus also able to attack cell phone’s system. So many viruses created (of course) by human, create to attack the cell phone’s system. Cell phone can be attacked through Bluetooth and transferring file from computer (which has been infected by virus). The virus can make your cell phone slow moving and even it can not be turn on.

Avoiding this problem, a lot of computer-anti virus vendor try to make an anti virus for cell phone. They try to create special anti virus that can run in the cell phone. So the anti virus just likes the other cell phone application. You just download, install and run it on your cell phone.

There are three anti viruses for Symbian cell phone. It can not be run on cell phone with another operating system. So you have to make sure that your cell phone use Symbian operating system before you download it. Here they are:

1. McAvee Virus Scan Mobile
2. Kaspersky Mobile
3. Symantec Mobile Security

So, what are you waiting? Download it soon, so that your cell phone is secure from virus that can make your cell phone stop to operate. And you have to check the updating once, so that the anti virus can heal the new virus.

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  • 1 steve // Aug 21, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Amazing! Symbian Cell Phone has already been very popular and now this technology is certainly going to rock the world.

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