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APen A4 Wireless Digital Pen, New Innovation for Creating Sketch Graphic with Your Hand

October 29th, 2011 · No Comments

APen A4 Wireless Digital Pen, New Innovation for Creating Sketch Graphic with Your Hand

apen A4 Digital pen

Growing of digital world in this recent times has given rise to many new discoveries. Not only from a variety of functions, now many products springing up and has a shape and an unusual appearance. Human needs are constantly growing to be one trigger.Not wanting to miss the progress of time, a product called Apen A4 emerged as an answer. Apen not only has the ability to write in the real world, but also can create a masterpiece in the digital world. The gadget users who like to draw sketches on the gadget usually have trouble when required to draw or write directly on their gadgets.

Apen A4 is a gadget that can help users to draw sketches on the gadgets as easy as drawing on a plain paper. The gadgets that are rarely found completed by wireless features that can be connected directly to the digital media available. In addition there are also media cable that can connect Apen A4with PCs, laptops and even smartphones that you have. It would be very nice when you can visualize what you write in a paper in digital gadgets.

Apen A4-allows users to be able to write, draw sketches or anything done on plain paper to put into a digital media in real time. The trickis very easy, you just put a receiver in a paper clip and connect it to digital media. Your writing willbe automatically recorded and written on digital media. In addition Apen A4 can also be used to draw on media images with the JPEG format and have a quality equivalent to writing in MS applications. Apen A4 can be used to write and record as many as 100 sheets of sketches for later transferred to digital media. The price for an A4 Apen circulating in the $130.

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