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The AppSwitch for iPhone

November 13th, 2010 · No Comments

When you first buy your iPhone, you already have whatever applications that are useful in your mind. You must be already imagining about the cool applications that you will keep in your gadget. The wheels in your head must have already been spinning, searching for the best and suitable applications for your iPhone.

There is one application that, in my opinion, is quite useful for your beloved iPhone. It’s called the AppSwitch. This application allows you to see which applications are running for your iPhone background. You can find the information about the system, log, and memory with this.

There are several features available for this application.

* In the Processes feature, you can see the detail of the running application, such as the name, the id, and the length of time they’ve been going on. You can also change the applications from one to another or hop over to a certain applications.
* In the System feature, you can get information about your drive usage, the free space available, the load and uptime, and other basic information, like OS, Model, and Build.
* In the Memory feature, you can see the status of your memory, whether they’re free or inactive memory.
* In the Console feature, you can only see the messages and logs from your iOS system.

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