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ASUS Zenbook, Newest Technology at Ultrabook

November 5th, 2011 · No Comments

ASUS Zenbook, Newest Technology at Ultrabook

ASUS Zenbook

After being a long conversation among gadget lovers, ASUS Zenbook finally officially released by ASUS.  A notebook completed by ultra-portable features as the most advanced technology. ASUS officially released the ASUS Zenbook that cemented them as a smart notebook manufacturer in the world. Prior to this official launch, Zenbook known among gadget lovers as Ultrabook. As a statement issued by Tom Kilroy, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Group Sales and Marketing from Intel, “The launch of the ASUS ZENBOOK is a proof that Ultrabook can accommodate the basic transformation in personal compute”. ASUS Zenbook is a precise blend of ASUS as a notebook manufacturer and Intel as a manufacturer of processor chips.

ASUS Zenbook supported by technology comes with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II, which is a feature of the ASUS to extend battery life by up to 25% longer than the other Ultrabook design. This notebook has a very sleek design and thin. The thickness of this Zenbook ASUS is only 0.11 inch (mm) on the front and 0.35 inch (9.9 mm) to the back. It seems that ASUS really want to make this a mainstay Zenbook as a Market Leader in its class, seen from the installation of a variety of advanced features and specific in this Zenbook ASUS. This smart notebook processor core using the second generation of Intel’s latest (mobile optimized). For HDD, ASUS gives this notebook SATA Revision 3.0 solid state storage (SSD)  while for connectivity, it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0. In addition, this notebook also equipped with USB Charger via USB 3.0 port to recharge your gadgets in an optimal fashion. ASUS did not fool around with the sound quality produced Zenbook, Zenbook supported by audio devices by ASUS Sonic Master, a hardware developed by ASUS Golden Ear and Bang &OlufsenICEpower. With all these features, the ASUS Zenbook is a must-have gadget of this century.

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