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AutoCAD LT Latest Edition

July 24th, 2007 · 1 Comment

AutoCAD LT 2008

AutoCAD LT 2008 simplifies all of your 2D design process. With the latest improvement every phase of design process become more productive. You can also gain lots of improvement on sharing with other co-workers via Internet. Nine new features and seven improved features are included to give you the highest productivity since it makes your daily tasks done quicker and with fewer errors. The feature like Dynamic Blocks and express tools is enhanced from previous version to make your job getting better. Simply put, you’ll create, collaborate, and deliver more efficiently than ever.

AutoCAD LT 2008 Block

You can create and edit Dynamic Blocks in order to reduce time and this feature will improve standardize drawings by reducing the step to redraw standard components many times, it also reduce your cumbersome block libraries in the process.

New Feature in AutoCAD LT 2008

Annotation Scaling
AutoCAD LT 2008 annotation
AutoCAD LT 2008 has a new feature of annotation scale as an object property. You can set the current scale of a viewport or model space view, and then apply that scale to each object and specify its size, placement, and appearance based on the scale set for the viewport. Annotation scale is now automated.

Enhanced Tables
AutoCAD LT 2008 now has enhanced tables feature which gives you the option to combine AutoCAD LT and Windows Excel tabular information into a single AutoCAD LT table. This table can be dynamically linked so that notifications appear in both AutoCAD LT and Excel as data is updated. Users can then select these notifications, allowing instant updating of information in either source document.

Backward Compatibility
AutoCAD LT 2008 has backward compatibility to read/write to past versions of AutoCAD. This capability apparently increasing collaboration and the exchange of data with users of older versions of AutoCAD software.

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