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AutoShutDown, A Useful Cydia App

October 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Tweaking software are become star in almost every electronic gadget beside than entertainment application and software, including on iPhone. One of the biggest iPhone app developers is Cydia, which can be a great rival of Apple app itself. Even so, some of Cydia app is available to buy and download through Apple App Store. But most of its applications are available on BigBoss repo, almost as same as apple App store.

Cydia has so many tweaking applications to make iPhone getting better and better. AutoShutDown is one of those applications. As its name, this application has the main function of turning off the iPhone. Its main feature is timer that can be set by iPhone user to do tasks like reboot, poweroff, and stop.

This feature is very useful especially for those who are like to sleep while listening to Iphone songs. It will automatically turn off in the set time so it will save the battery.

Once the iPhone user set the time, it has been activated. And it soon appears an alert to do the action with the countdown time. In last 10 seconds before the action processed, another alert will be appears in case the user want to cancel the task. iPhone user can download this application for $1.49 on BigBoss repo.

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