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Baby Cry Translator Iphone Application

December 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Cry Translator is an iPhone application that is used for the same thing is to know the reason why your baby is crying, if hungry, pee or another. Its use is also quite easy, at the time the baby cries, pick up your iPhone and run this application. Bring the iPhone to the infant and wait in 3-5 seconds then it will be out on the iPhone screen as “hungry”, “bored”, “sleepy” or “stress”.

Biloop is the company that issued this application claiming that the accuracy of this tool to reach 96%. Like we said, this certainly is much more efficient because we can continue to carry anywhere, this device compared with a separate tool which we are sometimes reluctant to take.

To use this application is quite easily. When the baby is started crying, the mother stayed put near the baby from the iPhone these, about 1 foot. Then, push the button ‘Start’ is available.
And only takes 10 seconds to analyze and identify these cries. Biloop Technologic, the company claims its maker, has released the results of accuracy rate of 96%. Once the crying is identified, then these tips on how to handle it will be available. With the valued U.S. $ 9.99, this application is only present in the UK, America and Spain. A clinic in Spain who tasted it said that the application of the 104 children who tested with this tool, as many as 96% of them stop crying.

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