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Too Bad, Droid Charge Isn’t Available Until Now

May 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Too Bad, Droid Charge Isn’t Available Until Now

It’s not fun when you’re expecting something fun happening but then it’s postponed or canceled because something wrong happens. Maybe that’s exactly what Droid fans feel when they’re expecting the new Droid Charge to be available for them but then they have to wait again. The Droid Charge is the second smartphone LTE lines that will be released by Verizon Wireless and also the newest member of the Droid series from Samsung. As everyone knows – and expects – the new device will present new great experience in smartphone performance. Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless suffered from outage on the LTE 4G network. That’s why the company decided to delay the release of the device.

Verizon Wireless immediately fixed the LET problem. However, the device is still unavailable for users until now. Although interested users can sign up for the updated news about the availability of the Charge, until now there’s no exact news about when it’ll be available. It seems that Verizon is working extra hard now to make sure that they’ll be able to handle all problems that may arise in the near future, especially concerning the increasing traffic that might
happen. They think that it’s better to delay the launch rather to deal with another problem.

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