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Beamberry Application for Opening Email Attachment

November 21st, 2010 · No Comments

BeamBerry seems appropriate for your BlackBerry when you get troubles in your phone. Sometimes you need to open your email, and you will get a frustration or painful time when the inbox is contain of attachment files. it is difficult to open it if you do not have this beamberry. You cannot open it and the possible way if you do not have this application, you will send a short message contains of a request to send back the email without using attachment. Of course, it can make your business does not run well. That is why this application will make you easier to open the attachment files from your blackberry. It is faster and efficient to support your work and of course a more efficient of an application, it will more helpful for you. But, the most important is you need to download it first to your blackberry and have a great work with this application.

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