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New BlackBerry Bold 9650 from RIM and Sprint

June 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Are you a BB maniac? If you are, you must know about new BlackBerry 9650 that comes from the mixing of RIM and Sprint. Like the common BlackBerry handsets, this BlackBerry 9650 also uses QWERTY keyboard and of course like the previous handsets, great keyboard on the BlackBerry 9650. Overall, this new BlackBerry 9650 is good and solid in design, durable and hardware. This solid construction matches with the BlackBerry’s special black color makes this gadget look awesome and elegant.

If we look its sound quality, this new BlackBerry 9650 has great sound, great reception and perfect voice performance in calls. So we can enjoy the clear voice when calling our friends for long time. If we compare this Sprint BlackBerry 9650 with the original Tour one, of course the new is better. We can look the overplus of the new Sprint type on the Operating System. Sprint BlackBerry 9650 powered by newer and faster operating system.

But unfortunately, this Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 is still worst in camera lens. We will hard to wipe or clean the camera lens because it is recessed and can collect dust on it. Although it has solid construction but this gadget appertains in large size gadget and of course this is outdate if we compare with the minimalist and sexier gadgets.

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