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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

January 23rd, 2010 · 1 Comment

A new LCD writing tablet has been revealed by Improv Electronics. In order to display hand written content, this device uses reflex LCD that power free. This product, Improv Electronics Boogie Board Writing Tablet is developed as paper replacement for note pad using the technology of efficient power free LCD.

The technology used by Improv Electronics Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet comes from Ohio’s Kent Displays. This system is a kind of pressure-sensitive system without power need for displaying hand written etching and notes. Erasing that note can be done using a small battery that can erase up to 50,000 erase cycles. This system can save 15 times less than steno notepad.

The price tag for the device is $29.95. This price including the “50,000 erase cycles” that can be compared to 50,000 sheets of paper. However once a page is erased the note will go forever, as this device doesnt provide a storage device.

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