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Eight Brand New Processors from AMD

July 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment

AMD who is one of the processor producers, come back with their brand new desktop processor. After launched AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor and AMD Phenom II X4 945, AMD also preapare to launch some brand new processors in this few days. Intel hope this can give so many choice as the user need.

AMD will launch eight processors, there is a lot of processors that launch in the same time. AMD preapare to launch the eight processors in the June 2009. AMD launch they at the same time with Computex 2009 competition.

The eight processors who will launch are processors that use AM3 socket. And this eight processors from AMD are from the e – series AMD processor. E – series AMD is processor that use electricity power efficiently with TDP between 45 till 65 watt. The eight processors are:

1.Phenom II X4 905e
2.Phenom II X4 900e
3.Phenom II X3 705e
4.Phenom II X3 700e
5.Athlon II X4 605e
6.Athlon II X4 600e
7.Athlon II X3 405e
8.Athlon II X3 400e

Phenom II X4 950e is the faster processors than the others. Phenom II X4 905e has 2,5 GHz Clock Frequency, 2 MB L2 Cache, 6 MB L3 Cache and 65 Watt TDP. And the slowest from this brand new processors is Athlon II X3 400e. It has 2,2 GHz Clock Frequency, 1,5 MB L2 Cache, 0 MB L3 Cache and 45 Watt TDP.

AMD has give you the processor choices, so you will easy to choose the processor that run your desktop PC.

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