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Bring Back Xvid to Your Phone with CineXPlayer

August 14th, 2010 · No Comments

NXP Software has released CineXPlayer, a new app that allows users to bring their Xvid movies, the format that is not directly supported by the built in video codecs, to the iPad. With CineXPlayer, user can transfer Xvid movies to their iPad without any requirement to convert it to iPad video format. Movies are transferred to this app by USB via iTunes’ File Sharing and the app provides a listing of movies stored on the device with standard playback controls, automatic bookmarking, and ability to delete movies directly within the ap.

Currently CineXPlayer only supports standard Xvid format movies, and does not yet have the ability to handle additional codecs like MKV and AC3 audio. Additionally, the best part of this app is of course this app is available for free, though there will has a smal CineXPlayer logo in the bottom right side of the screen for the whole movie you watch. Maybe the paid version without the CineXPlayer logo will be the next to have. You can play avi files though you do not have support for RealMedia(.rm) or Flash (flv). This 3rd party app is available for free at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps under the AppStore category.

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