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Calendar Subscription using iPhone

July 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment

iPhone has offered you the simple process for subscribing to various calendars. People may have been familiar with CalDAV because of its easy and quick method to sync your iPod and iPhone with Google Calendar. But maybe many do not know about adding a lot of publicy calendar subscriptions in so short time. The well known subscription is US holiday calendar. Actually you can add also easily and quickly the schedule of TV shows, sports team, network premier, movie releases and so on to you iPhone calendar. How to do it?

You can start with find the proper directory. Take for instance we will use iCal World or iCalShare. Pull that site in your iPhone’s Safari then you can look at many subscriptions that available. Click on the ones you like. Safari then asks you to subscribe in pop up message. You have to tab the Subscribe. You will see confirmation message, you can choose to tap View Event (in pop up) in order to look you new event in you Calendar app.

Sometimes you will find some of no longer maintained calendars (that you want to try). It will take time for you to find what you look for. Once you find it, the adding process to you iPhone may not be easier.

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