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Three Different Categories of PMP are available in the Market

August 8th, 2009 · No Comments

In recent years the popular PMP market has been enlivened by the existence of these new iMuz portable players with three different categories for different target audiences depending on different set of features. They will be mentioned below.

39,000 KRW MX1
This player costs you around $ 31 – it has a decent capacity of 2 GB that is suitable for normal users which is the smallest .

49.000 KRW MX1
This player costs around $ 40 consists of 1.5 –inch TFT LCD it is capable of playing .avi media files with FM radio and voice recorder , it can also read e-Books.

MX5 Child muse is a baby mini PMP consists of 3-inch, 240×400 LCD, carries an impressive storage capacity of 16 GB, full TV output with all menus and other features like the MX1 .

This also consists of 3-inch . 240×400 LCD, dual core-processor enables it to decode a wide range of video file formates easily as well as play games in addition. Voice recording , FM radio & e-book reading are basic features included. It is launched in three different colors , Pink , Black, Luxury Brown.

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