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Clearwire will be Ready to Offer CLEAR Spots Mobile WiMAX Modems

July 19th, 2010 · No Comments

The internet is essential. You can connect to it via an expensive plan thru your carrier. Alternatively, you use other route and using a WiMAX modem available at Clearwire. Their service of 4G hotspots are now out nationwide for US.

There are 2 modems are offered by Clearwire:

* CLEAR Spot 4G modem.

This modem is WiMAX only with the price tag of $99. Alternatively you can lease it for $4.99. The later plan starts at $40 for monthly. The modem supports up to 8 devices can be connected thru WiFi.

* CLEAR Spot 4G+ modem.

This modem is suitable for traveling outside Clearwire’s 4G coverage. This modem will be able to use Sprint’s 3G network with a little bit expensive cost. The price tag is $224.99 or you can lease it for $5.99 monthly plan. This modem’s plan is quite expensive, $55 per month.

If you live in a 4G/WiMAX coverage from Clearwire, so you are lucky and the new modem is a best alternative. One cool thing about Clearwire is that they dont have data limit on their mobile bandwith. This is different to the common tethering plan from a mobile carrier.

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