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Compaq 7 Tablet Prototype

June 4th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Now touch screen laptop is in high demand. People call it as tablet computer.MAC is the fist vendor who launches PC Tablet and PC phone. To compete against MAC IPad Tablet, now Compaq launches its new products of Compaq 7 Tablet Prototype.

Cooperated with Microsoft, this PC Tablet uses Windows 7 for OS as the new technology of Microsoft. It is also equipped by multi-touch system for browsing.

For the interface, this PC tablet is very small and has 8,9 inches for its size. All the materials and body shape is designed in very stylish model. To satisfy you, this PC cooperates with NVIDIA to produce high graphic and resolution.
Microsoft had used this tablet at Computex. They demo the latest Windows Embedded Compact 7 that supports Silverlight for Windows Embedded, Flash 10.1 as well as multitouch in its browser. They show off the interface like that of Zune / Windows Phone 7.

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