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Continental AG Introduces AutoLinQ, the Android for In-Vehicle Information

June 11th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Previously, Ford and General Motor had announced their Android Car. Now the time for Continental Automotive Group to announce the AutoLinQ initiative. AutoLinQ refers to an open architecture for Android Market Place as well as the other else Internet ecosystem.

AutoLinQ seems to be collaboration within Google, T-Mobile, BMW, Wind River, SVOK. Continental AG will work with their automotive customers in creating a new model of business, which the third party will also give contribution to make the application of the car.

Take for instance, via their mobile phone, the car owners can monitor and control their vehicles on certain functions. And the driver also can monitor the passenger in real time. They will be “always on” and connected to each other. Pretty nice, huh? So the car owners will be able to manage their vehicle setting, check status of their vehicle and customize their driver preferences via PC or laptop.

The implementation of this Android app may be followed by the other Android apps for specific purposes (for in-vehicle use) out there.

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