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Convert pdf files to image using A-Pdf to Image Converter

October 5th, 2012 · No Comments

Convert pdf files to image with A-Pdf to Image Converter

Sometimes, we need to convert pdf files to image for further work. It is a easy task. No advanced skill required. We only need coverter software for this purpose. Let we go with one of powerful and affordable pdf to image converter, A-pdf to Image Converter.

The function of this software is for converting pdf files to image files. Supported image file extensions are jpeg, png, bmp, and tiff. The color can be set to color, grey, or black-and-white. Image quality is also flexible, from small size up to high quality. For converting pdf files, it has 3 modes function : batch mode, hot directory mode, or command line mode. Using batch mode, the pdf files can be choose from many folder, collected in a table before they converted simultaneously. By pushing “convert” button, all files will be converted in a short time.

For those of you who need to convert huge files under 1 folder, the directory mode is the answer. Just choose the directory of pdf files, the destination folder for converted files, then convert it! There is also another feature in this mode. Rather than run manually by clicking button, this mode also offering auto run or start with windows. With auto run function, if there is a new pdf file in the target directory, it will automatically converted to image. All operations is recorded in log file.

The last mode, command line mode, is useful for converting pdf files one by one using command line.

Try this software for free : A-pdf to Image Converter

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