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Cool Applications for Android

February 5th, 2011 · No Comments

Cool applications for Android

It is now the time for Android to rule the Smartphone application market. Android has a wide range offers for its excellent choices for utilities applications, add-ons, games, entertainment, even for business functions. Why do people love these apps so much? It is
because of their simplicity and you can get most of them free of charge! If you check the latest downloadable items, you can get these cool application which is guaranteed to satisfy your need.

One the most of incredible and a brilliant application you can find for your Smartphone is Ringdroid. This application was exclusively designed for the Android platform as a ringtone composing application. It enables you to compose your own tunes in an extremely simple way. You can also check on WaveSecure application. Why bother? If you the kind of person who tends to lose your stuffs, this application will do a good help to you. WaveSecure enables you to retrieve and secure data on your lost. The Remote Lock-Down feature will keep all the info within your phone.

Cannot even remember where you parked your car? Looking for your car in a massive parking lot really gets on your nerves? 3DCoche will be the best solution for your problem. You just need to park your car, turn on the app and save your location. The use of Google Maps and Augmented reality will do the trick.

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