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Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC equipped with a 12.1-inch wide LCD

February 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Latitude XT is equipped with a 12.1-inch wide LCD Tablet PC, and body size is 297 × 218.6 × 25.4mm, almost as A4 size paper. Minimum weight (4 cell battery, backlit LCD with LED) is about 1.62 kg, as portable Tablet PC is a slim and light. Casing has a linear trend with a simple design.

Dell’s Latitude XT is a feature rich tablet PC, the flexibility to customize specifications is pretty wide. Processor selection is varies between Core 2 Duo U7600(1.2GHz) or Core 2 Solo U2100(1.06GHz). User may choose the memory capacity about 1 GB/2GB/3GB. The standard 1 GB memory will be delivered with 1 SO-DIMM slot open, so the user has possibility to add more memory capacity later. The tablet PC featuring ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphic card that support DirectX 9


Latitude XT data storage using 1,8″ HDD or SSD. For the HDD, the 40 GB/80GB/120GB capacity is available in three types. For the SSD, only 64 GB or 32 GB capacity is available. At the moment, SSD is very expensive compared to HDD, but the SSD has more advantage on data lifetime because there is no mechanical work inside the drive and it has very strong impact resistance.

Dell delivering Latitude XT with wide screen 12.1-inch LCD display. It has a native resolution at 1280 × 800 dot (WXGA) to deliver bright images. The LCD panel has a corresponding LED backlit to push the screen brightness up to 400 cd / square m. With this high brightness LCD, working with Latitude XT outdoor and indoor has the same comfort because it brings high visibility.


The Latitude XT is delivered with preinstalled windows OS. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005/ Windows Vista Business or Vista Ultimate are available on selection to be installed before delivery.

Shortly, Latitude XT is a highly portable Tablet PC for working outside or inside the office. Stylus pen or fingertip operation can also have excellent usability. The minimum configuration of Dell Latitude XT has price tag 281,400 yen ( as February 7), Quiet expensive but the Latitude XT Tablet PC is perfect gear to run business applications and the optimal use of computing.

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