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Dell has confirmed Mini 3 will be Headed to AT&T

January 9th, 2010 · No Comments

A few days ago Dell had given its customers a lot of information to be watched. One of those informations is Dell’s Mini 3 smartphone. This device is Android based and will be headed to AT&T. The other news from Dell is that the company is working on a prototype of 5 inch tablet. This tablet looks similar with the previous, Dell Streak.

In other side, Dell has updated its notebook and PC lineup. the company has redesign their Inspiron series PCs that come with the new Alienware M11x. This one is the gaming machine with netbook size that debuts the updated versions of Studi 14 notebook. Now the old Core 2 Duo is replaced with the latest Core i3 from Intel as well as i5 and i7 processor.

The photo shows that new Alienware M11x’s prototype tablet. Dell has unveiled their products in CES such as smartphone, ultra moile gaming system, Design Inspired Laptop and Tablet concept.

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