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Dell Wireless 700 Locations for Mini 10

July 3rd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Dell Wireless 700 locations is released for Mini 10 netbook. This Wi-Fi and GPS Positioning is a combination within software and hardware. This technology is offered for solution for Mini 10 starting next week in USA.

The hardware part of Dell Wireless 700 locations is its GPS card and WiFi locationing. Powered by Skyhook Wireless’ Wi-Fi position solution and Broadcom’s A-GPS, this technology works with calculating the user’s position via GPS satellites and WiFi access points. Dell Wireless 700 locations works for both outdoor and indoor. As for the software part, this system using CoPilot Navigation Software that providing turn by turn directions. This software comes bundled with $70 addition. And you may need $30 for upgrading the HD display.

The Mini 10 netbook is the first system has been offered by Dell Wireless 700 locations solution. This technology works well even if you are in office building. It is integrated with Loopt, Yelp and Flickr via Loki plugin (for IE and Firefox).

According to Dell, this technology also will be available to other Mini options without HD upgrade or with HD upgrade. This system will work with Windows Vista and Windows XP while support for Windows 7 will follow later.

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