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Design an iPod App

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Building an iPod app can be the complicated activity if you’re developing it from scratch. But, there are some companies that will build your app for you. All you must to do is tell them what you want and then pay them. These are some steps how to design your iPod app interface.

1. The first you must to do is sketch out what you want. Put some thought into what you want your app to do for you. How many screens should it have? Storyboard that app so you know what to build.
2. And then, download Xcode tools. This is a bundle that used to develop and build software for apple products. You must sign up first to download Xcode tools.
3. Create a new Xcode project. This is done when you first open Xcode.
It will automatically create a blank design file or documents for you to work.
4. Open Interface Builder. This is a design program in Xcode. With it, you can gather all the visual elements of your application
5. Build your design with a sketch or a storyboard as a guide to create your design together and Interface Builder.
6. Create your actions, events and bindings. These are the settings that make your app work. You can use the Inspector or drag and drop icons to create the connections. Interface Builder will work with the main Xcode program to integrate the code and the design to create the app.

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