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Domain Parking Tips

September 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Recently I enter domain parking business because it looks very easy to do. In order to avoid too much money lost for trying and error, I’m using several domain names I’ve already own. Some of those name has several pages on Google index and they are receiving visitors regularly. I think those two conditions are the important requirement to earn money from domain parking.

If you’re interested with domain parking I suggest you to read eBook from It contains several tips to be successful in Domain parking business.

The main point to remember, you have to taste this first before deciding to invest more money on it. Therefore if you’re already own some domain try to park it or use free domain name first. If you gain more knowledge about how to get expred domain with traffic, or how to get prospectful typo domain name, then you can increase your investment to get more money to earn.

Some domain parking company has minimun requirement of the number domain name to park. On Parked.Com you have to have at least 10 names for registration. I prefer to parked my domain name on because you can apply with no minimum number requirement. In NameDrive you can select many page design related with your selected themes.


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