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Downloading MP3 From Restricted Page on Myspace

January 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I’ve found a new method to download restricted mp3 on myspace from lifedork so now you can leech any mp3s in there

To use this method you need several software. Don’t worry about it, those software are available for free. You need a file downloader and obviously an internet browser

1.Download and install Orbit Downloader, yes we’re gonna use this lightweight freeware download manager
2.Open Orbit, open “Grab++” under “tools” menu

Orbit Downloader grab

3.Open Firefox or IE, Go to the MySpace site that you want to download the music from ex: (nice band anyway)

4.Let say you want to download “Engga Gaul” song from that myspace page, just click on that song and when it start playing you will notice something like this in Grab++
engga gaul

5.Dont stop the Myspace Player, Click the check button on the Grab++, and then click download
myspace player

yes, you are downloading restricted mp3
additional tips: you can also use your own Rapidleech to make downloading faster

After clicking download on Step 5 Copy the Mp3 url from orbit and paste it to your rapidleech
thats it!

Or you can use more simple way to download MP3 files

*This article is originally written by a geek named Iyok , the webmaster of Deadmediafm (Indonesian Online Independent Music Podcasting) .

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