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Want the Different Looks of Your E71?

May 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Another good idea on how to change your E71 looks can be learned on this article. The main idea is get the different color for your keypad and faceplate. Following the photo guide, I think you can do it your self. But please remember to only do this of you are ready with broken phone risk.

Look at CNN.CN like many people out there have chosen. They provide quite complete for your E71, from faceplate, bottom cover until your E71 body replacement. Regarding the guide, it only shows you how to treat your E71 bottom cover and faceplate.

Notice to omit the instruction for disassembling purpose of your phone further.

Battery cover is released

battery cover

Battery cover is removed.

The four T4+ screws are unscrewed.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

The two clips are opened.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

The same work can be done on other side.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

The bottom part of E71 top cover is lifted, remember dont do this on the bottom one.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

The top cover is removed.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

E71′s qwerty keypad is pressed out.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

The bottom cover is removed.

Free Image Hosting | ImageDOS

This is your result.

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