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Easy Way to change your own website into Nokia App

October 7th, 2010 · No Comments

As a Nokia user, people will easily download Nokia app from their official website. But when they want to builds the application by themselves, they met great challenge. This article here will help those Nokia users that want to builds their own Nokia application. Just be sure that you have your own website or blog, because we will learn how to make those websites and blogs into a Nokia app.

Actually it is quite easy to builds an application for Nokia. And all of these have connection with Ovi store. Ovi store itself is a service from Nokia as a place to upload and download a lot of application for Nokia phone. Not too long ago, Ovi store just launches a new feature to build an application that connected to your website or blog by using RSS feed. So, basically this application reads your website or blog RSS.

To use that application, just go to and follow the guidance there. There are 4 steps, which are:

1. Input your RSS feed, you can input 4 feeds maximum
2. Setup your interface
3. Add advertisement
4. Fill in your application description and the price, of course you can make it free

After you do those 4 steps, just wait a couple days to wait an approval from Ovi store. If it has been agreed, download your own Nokia app from your Nokia phone

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