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Echo Dual Screen Smartphone from Sprint and Kyocera

February 18th, 2011 · No Comments

Echo Dual Screen Smartphone from Sprint and Kyocera

Sprint and Kyocera announced to launch the forthcoming Kyocera Echo, a dual screen Android smartphone, for this spring. It will cost you for about $199.99 after new 2 year agreement and $100 rebate. It also provides you with the newly expanded $10 Premium Data charge.

The Echo will feature two widescreen displays of 3.5 inch with a 853×480 resolution. Each screen are designed to allow you to use it either horizontally or vertically.  This device is powered by the Android Froyo in order to link the gap between conventional smartphones and the latest one which has got larger MIDs/tablets.  This meant you will not find any issue with power or portability anymore.

The Echo bears a resemblance to a Nintendo DS when you open it in the Tablet mode.  This will guide you in two new modes of operation or “Simul-tasking” as it is called by Kyocera and Sprint. It will include the seven custom developed applications that offer you the benefit of both displays and operate simultaneously either for Messaging, Email, Gallery, VueCue, Contacts, even Phone. The Echo will also comprise a charger with a second battery for extended use. You can be swapped it after your battery in the device is spent.

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