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The Elements, App for Nokia 5800 XM

November 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Offscreen Technologies offers us this scientific application namely Elements. This scientific application will widen your Nokia 5800 XM function more than just music and games. Yes, you may now see the elements table on your screen. This elements table is usually used in chemistry field. It will be very helpful for those who need as the elements table looks difficult to be memorized.

Ok, so once you want the detail information of an element, just touch your screen above that element’s name. The screen will display the information of that element such as element name, boiling point, melting point, percent of the earth’s crust atomic weight , density, when it was discovered and ionization energy as well.

Once you want to move to other element, it is easy. Just tap you screen to make the pop up windows go away and you can touch another element.

You can download this app for free on Ovi Store.

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