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Fanta Stealth Sound System for Teens

May 7th, 2009 · No Comments

fanta stealth

Ogilvy Advertising has made this app for Fanta, the Fanta Stealth Sound System. The app is designed for teenagers whic they can use it for sending signals to their friends without the adults able to hear it. Pretty nice…

The same technology also has ever been used by an app called Mosquito Teen Repellent, created by Howard Stapleton. That app is aimed for deterring the teens loiter outside shops. This app uses high pitched frequencies which only teens can hear that. So they no need to worry anymore the older people will hear that.

What kind of sound this app has to offer? They are such as wolves whistle, pssst, warning and other phrases like “cool” and “uncool” and others. Through this tool, Fanta hopes to reach the successful relationship with its customers. Of course, this time thru the mobile channel.

Fanta Stealth Sound System

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