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Firefox Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 Test on Ubuntu

July 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

I must admitted that I’m impatiently waiting for Firefox 3 releasing date at least for its Beta 2 version, which as been scheduled to release on September 2007. I was so curious about its recent development progress and therefore I test the alpha 6 version of Gran Paradiso.

Since my Thinkpad has Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, I download Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 for Linux. After extracting the granparadiso-alpha6.tar.bz2 tarball, I was only need to run ./firefox from Ubuntu terminal and Gran Paradiso was run. It recognized Firefox 2 user setting immediately and using all Bookmarks and its history as well.

tar -jxvf granparadiso-alpha6.tar.bz2
cd firefox

My first impression of Gran Paradiso is about Firefox add-on backward compatibility. Many add-on installed on my firefox 2 was not compatible. Only Adblock Plus, BugMeNot, NoScript and Personal Menu run flawlessly out of box.

Gran paradiso add-on

I also noticed some anomalies on Gran Paradiso content rendering. All ads unit in this blog which uses javascript, displaying anomaly on the left side as you can see on the following images.

gran paradiso js2
gran paradiso js

When I try to play video from, the video was run (at least I heard the voice) but I wasn’t see any image on it. However when I try it on YouTube, the video run perfectly.

Gran Paradiso alpha 6 still contains several bugs at the moment, but I’m still impressed with its performance and stability. I was trying to run video from youtube and ifilm on different tabs at the same time and also writing this post without Gran Paradiso gone crash. Nice.

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