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Free Graph Paper Maker Software

October 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Graph Paper Maker Software, Free Download

Graph paper is a white paper contain custom pattern for creating, plotting or designing custom graph image. Rather than white blank paper, it graphed with special pattern, like rectangular, polar, dot, cross, hexagonal, triangular, or even trapezoid pattern.

Usually, any custom graph paper can be obtain easily at stationary or bookstore. However, for those of you who need to create and print graph paper with flexible design, there are many graph paper maker software out there. Some of them are not freeware, and cost between USD $20-$200, depends on its available features. But hey, don’t worry, there are some honest people who willing to give his graph paper software for free. Yes, absolutely, its a freeware, no buying action required. Just download it and then install on your pc.

Here are the freeware.

1. Graph paper printer by Dr Philippe Marquis, France.

Download it here.

This graph paper maker software are awesome. Not only its free offer, but also the features. The software is capable for creating many graph paper format : rectangular coordinates, polar coordinates, polygonal coordinates, dots paper, perspective papers, table, polygon patterns, curve patterns, ellips, papers for music, scientific diagrams, or handwriting papers. wow!

Using this software, paper size can be set to meet your requirement. There are two unit used by this software, metric (cm) and imperial (inch). The weight and color of line graph are also flexible. Just choose your favorite colors. After finished setting up the graph, it can be saved as image or printed out to any printer.

Here are some example of graph paper created by this software :

Logarithmic graph paper and Ellipse graph paper :

2. DigiGraph 2.0 by KnightTrek Production

Download it here.

This software is more simple than Graph Paper Printer above. It only capable for creating rectangular graph paper. The paper can be save in digigraph file format. The saved files are not readable by Microsoft windows or any image editor software. However, you can print it out directly for offline work.

Beside rectangular graph paper only, this software also offering image creation over the graph paper. You can create line, rectangular images, ellipse or handwriting line. This image is erasable using eraser tool like Paint on Windows. It also capable for adding text in any place of graph paper template.

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