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Free Mapping System for iPhone Users from Magellan

June 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Free Mapping System for iPhone Users from Magellan

Everyone knows that when they’re using iPhone, they can get all the great benefits of the handy and useful applications. Well, they can certainly make use of the GPS application program in the smartphone. The GPS is designed by Garmin (everyone knows what Garmin Nuvi’s specialty, right?) that wants to develop and enhance handy GPS application for iPhone users.

However, the Apple Store Apps has been flooded with various and similar apps for all the smartphone devices. The Magellan, for example, is offering free mapping and traffic for iPhone users. In fact, the company is now updating their application so that it’s compatible with the iOS 4 and iOS 5 system, although the iOS 5 hasn’t been released yet. The company is also building the new Navigation RoadMate app that includes local search for the Google engineering and the Yelp API system, which can be used for Puerto Rico, America, and Canada. The application is available for three years free update, including the traffic update.

Another good news about the application is that users can use the menu from OneTouch feature that will guide them through the street. Forget the hassle of cruising down the crowded street or be stuck among the traffic jam, because this application will make sure that the smartphone users can have enjoyable day.

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