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5 reasons to get add-on for Firefox

September 10th, 2012 ~ No Comments

Why add-ons should be installed on Firefox – web development and web integration

Success story of Firefox

The powerhouse of the web browsing starts with the quality and performance of the browsers to the inherent interests of the user. However, it becomes typical for the new user to decide which browser is the best one. Firefox has created its own niche in the industry and now it covers the needs and preferences of nearly 30% users in the web browsing industry. There are many things that you get from Mozilla Firefox such as user interface, stability and the much needed speed at the same time. And, there is only one important thing which has helped it in achieving the success today and i.e. is the acceptance of add-ons, plug-in and extensions of even third parties. There are different types of add-ons that can be installed on your Firefox browser but a major portion is very much beneficial for the website developers and designers.

Top reasons why you need to install add-ons for Firefox browser
1. Adding some sort of whistles – Through the appropriate selection of the compatible add-ons, you can really add some excellent whistles and bells to your Firefox. By installing different types of add-ons, you can really compare the prices, update your Facebook profile, get reports on the weather and listen to music. All these things can be achieved with a single click.
2. Web development and designing – There is an endless pool of add-ons for you to choose from when it comes to Firefox browser. Yes, most of the add-ons deal with the web designing which indicates that there are thousands if not millions, of add-ons from which you can select the best one. Some of the excellent add-on for this browser is Web Developer, Firebug, Colorzilla, Greasemonkey, FireShot, Measurelt, Font Finder and Firebug. Some of the add-ons and extensions can provide you with controls over numerous things like JavaScript library, HTML and CSS.
3. Integration and protection through Extensions– There are a few extensions that allow the users of Firefox to prevent the advertisements, listen to music, easy integration with Facebook or Twitter and you can also have the facility to download your favorite videos from websites. At the same site, the users can add some excellent features from different web browsers.

4. Plugins – The plugins have a different set of standards and they will offer you extended support to all types of internet contents. You can install them in the Firefox browser and they can be further used for presentations, online games, audio & video contents, and many more data types.
5. Appearance – In this category, you will find two important appearance boosters in the name of persons and themes. The themes are downloaded to make the tab strip attractive and menu bar quite & smart looking. On the other hand, persons will try to change the appeal and look of the menus and buttons.
Installing add-ons on Firefox
In order to install the add-on in your Firefox browser, you need to click on the Firefox button at the top of the window. You also need to click on Add-ons to further select the Get Add-ons in the panel. You can download or search the favorite add-on from the internet and install it on your system.

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