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Aptana Studio Community 2.0.5, the Well Designed IDE for Web Developer

July 15th, 2010 ~ No Comments

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Aptana can be used for developer using CSS, HTML and Javascript in their site. It doesnt offer split code/design view like Dreamweaver but it provides helpful tools.

This tool using colour coding in order to make you easily found the error. Then once there is an error, the line number also shows markers. The code section can be collapse to save your screen. Colors and fonts can be changed.

Aptana Studio functionality can be extended with plug ins. Take for instance is Javascript libraries that can be incorporated to your project like Yahoo User Interface (YUI) libraries.

Previewing the code also can be done in different tabs. The preview is shown in different browser engines. No HTML editor here but you can create a split view for code and preview.

Other, there is ftp tool so you dont need other software to transfer your files.

This link download is for Windows but you can get Linux version and Mac OS X from the Aptana site.

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