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Security Tool to Protect Your Password, Password Depot 4.1.4

January 9th, 2010 by admin, No Comments

Being user friendly this tool, Password Depot will keep secure your passwords toward internal access. Password Depot has the Password Generator that has been integrated with the function of creating uncrackable passwords. Then those passwords will be filled on online form asking your username and password. Utilizing its editor the user also can generate auto-complete [...]

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Tags: Desktop Utility ~ personal apps

Satellite TV on You PC Using ProgDVB 6.23

October 30th, 2009 by admin, No Comments

Have you ever taken a look at ProgDVB? This software is beneficial once you want things more than Freeview (DVB-T). ProgDVB is also an alternative when you stay on the area where the decent signals cant be reached. In other side, if you just want to fancy the new channels or want to get BBC’s [...]

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Tags: MultiMedia Player & Organizer ~ personal apps

Personal Information Manager, EssentialPIM Free 3.12

October 11th, 2009 by admin, No Comments

This personal information manager is simple yet functional. This personal manager has 3 parts: note taker, contact manager and calendar. It comes in simple interface and only needs a little resource. The calendar section has day, month and year view with reminder and repeat options. The notes section is featured with usual formatting like bold, [...]

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Tags: personal apps

Effective Diary, The Save Place for Your Life Story

May 29th, 2009 by admin, No Comments

Effective Diary is a good alternative for your personal save and private place. Instead of writing your personal story on a paper diary, this alternative looks pretty nice. Here you can write anything just like on Mircosoft Word document. So you can put icons, emotion, full editing, attachment, URL, pictures and so on. Your can [...]

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