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Get the Complete Internet Suite with Mozilla SeaMonkey

April 1st, 2010 ~ No Comments

In 90′s when you register to an ISP, they will provie you the complete suite for connecting to the internet. The all in one suites help you work with your ISP. It contains pre-configured setting including local POP, user name and password, web browser, chat app, email and so on.

One of those internet suite seems to be Mozilla SeaMonkey. It is built by the same people who have made Thunderbird and Firefox. So the newest Thunderbird and Firefox are included plus IRC chat app, Mozilla HTML editor for helping you make web pages.

Now the latest version is v2 that has improved for modern platform of Mozilla that compatible with Firefox 3.5 and there are additional features like feed support, HTML5 feature, session restore, smart location bar and many more.

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