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Defragmentation and Optimization your hard disk for best performance with Quicksys Disk Defrag Portable 1.16

August 27th, 2009 ~ No Comments

Using this tool you can optimize cluster and defragmentation of your hard disk to improve your system speed.

Many people may not be aware of this term, it needs some in-depth explanation why it happens and what we have to do to prevent fragmentation of disk. When we store or use data they are placed on different segments of disk as we use them more and more and save new data on our disk . The data becomes scattered and fragmented which slowdowns the ability to access data on our system.

This Disk Defragmenter & optimizer (Microsoft Windows) based on high portable technology which can reduce time to access your files by reducing the fragmentation of files. This tool also helps you to rearrange those files so that the head of reading which is responsible for writing, reading and finding files and data on your disk will need to move less and speeds up your system performance as well as boot time.

It has an additional feature Quicksys Disk Defragmenter that runs a process called QSICA (Quicksys Intelligent Clusters Allocation). It optimizes the cluster that controls the new inserted files to be placed on possible best location on the disk to prevent fragmentation and optimize cluster.

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