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Download Partition Saving 3.70

January 20th, 2009 ~ No Comments


Partition Saving is a DOS program that is used to save, restore and copy hard-drive, partitions, floppy disk and DOS devices.

With this program you could save all data on a partition to a file (such as you could save this file on a CD for example). Then if something goes wrong, you can completely restore the partition from the backup file. You no longer have to reinstall every piece of software from scratch. All you have to do is restore the partition from the backup file and then update any software that was modified since the backup was created.

This program allows running the following tasks:
- saving an element (hard disk, partition, floppy disk, device).
- restoring an element that was saved before.
- copying an element.
- copying a backup file created by this program, modifying its size or compression rate.
- verifying created files.
- updating partition definition in Windows 2000/XP/Vista registry.
- exploring a partition.
- simulating elements with created files.
- creating files on a NTFS drive under Windows for use in saving.
- cancelling bad sectors information of a filesystem.
- correcting disk physical definition (first sector number of a partition, heads and sectors per track numbers) into a FAT and NTFS boot sector.
- replacing a FAT or NTFS boot sector or ext2/ext3 superblock by its copy in case original one is damaged.

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